Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

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Is the Toolbox secure?

Yes – we use Industry Standard SSL certificates to secure the application and your data while transferring across the internet. The database is encrypted at rest using industry standard encryption.  


Does the Toolbox support Multiple Locations?

Yes! We have built the Toolbox to support one, two, three or more locations. You can also use them for multiple services for a single location. For instance one for Audio Techs and another for Tint Techs.



Do you have an App for my phone or tablet?


Even better! The Toolbox is a Responsive App that can be saved to your device. We have built it this way so you can have one touch access to the system like an app, but can develop faster than doing native apps. We work on Windows, Android, Mac and iOS devices.

Can multiple people use the Toolbox at the same time?

Yes, all of your staff can use the Toolbox from as many devices as you need, all at once. We believe in keeping things simple and flexible. So there are no restrictions on how many devices or types of devices you can be logged into.

Does the ToolBox work outside my store?

Yes! The Toolbox is a cloud based app that works anywhere you can connect to the internet. So you can use it on the road, at dealerships, your home office, or even the beach! 🙂   Your staff can book, update, checkin and more from anywhere, and any device!

Is there a Free Trial?

Yes! We offer a 30 day free trial! We understand that things come up, so we give you a good long time to try the Toolbox out.  Need more time? Just ask.

Click here to request your free trail account.

Do I have to sign a contract?

No, contracts suck! You can choose to pay for the Toolbox App month to month, quarterly or annually.  You can cancel your plan at any time.  Just message us or email Tony and we will get it processed right away for you.

Have more questions?

You can use the chat bubble on this site to ask us any questions you may have, or use the Contact Us form.